"Have you ever wondered how long a social media post’s impact truly lasts."
"With over five years of experience in the creative industry, I can confidently tell you that much of what you’ve heard is nothing but a myth."
I’ve engaged in numerous discussions with peers, seniors, and mentors about the fleeting nature of a social media post. Some argue it lasts mere seconds, while others give it a minute.
However, in this digital age where everything leaves a trace of what’s been written, spoken, or recorded, I contend that there is no true “lifecycle” for a social media post.
"A social media post is just a small fragment of the larger communication a brand shares with its community."
It may disappear from your follower’s screens in a matter of seconds or minutes. 
Yet, when a newcomer joins this brand’s community and delves into their newfound obsession, that very same social media post, which vanished in an instant, finds its voice once more.
Recently, We’ve incorporated this very ideology into Kabir Kashyap Design Co’s communication design strategy, constantly asking ourselves:
"What does this say to the user who embarks on a journey to discover the essence of our brand across the vast expanse of the internet?"

“Your Story, Our Canvas”

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