OHRANGE™ studio pitchdeck
OHRANGE™ is a new age consulting, design and strategy agency based in the heart of Bangalore, India. Built around the core ethos of 'Getting Sh*t Done' the tone and voice of the brand revolves around a bold, to-the-face and direct style of communication speaking the mission loud and clear; to get things done in the most efficient and effective way. 
Mandate: Pitchdeck Design
Visual Inspiration: Maximalism with a touch of grunge graphic design in combination with retro stippling style illustrations.
Content Inspiration: Abrasively Outspoken + Shock Value style of content.
The Process
We wanted to make sure that OHRANGE™ left a mark on it's audiences mind like a stubborn wine stain that refuses to go even when you try to rub it off with best of your effforts. The process of the same started off with an extensive research on visual themes, content copy's, palette's and type styles, to achieve the balance which is OHRANGE™.

The agency being a new age, tech focused brand; it was a no-brainer to incorporate the use of generative AI in the making of the new visuals for the same. We used various sets of old retro tech to train the AI models to generate illustrations that looked vintage and dystopian, but also modern in it's usage across all the designs. The final output from the multiple generative AI's used, was further fine tuned, Iterated and styled in a skecth style via photoshop.

Once, the core visuals were locked, we combined the same with textures and big bold copies to add a touch of grunge and maximalism to the overal visual theme.

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