Liquid Courage

About Liquid Courage
Liquid Courage is an independent boutique liquor store based in downtown Plano, Texas, USA . 
A Husband and Wife owned and operated store. Liquid Courage focuses on craft and small-batch products with concierge-style customer service at competitive prices.

My Role
My role was to develop a brand identity that included various aspects of print (ranging from Business card to Merchandise) and Digital presence of the brand across various social media platforms & brands own website.

My Design
Since, Liquor is something that takes you out of the material world in a philosphical sense, it was no brainer for me to develop a mascot based merchandise that can capture the brand in it's truest essence.

While working on the Brand identity, my ideation was to create a mascot that represents the brand in it's truest form, Hence I chose to go with a spaceman as the ideal character for the brand.

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