DUMASS Brand Identity

Brand Description
DUMASS, is a performance marketing agency, run by a league of unconventional thinkers, driven by data and fueled by a relentless passion for results. They don't boast fancy degrees, but we do boast about the ability to deliver 3x when you ask for 2x.

The Brief
DUMASS, is an abbrievation for Digital User Marketing And Strategic Solutions; while the word DUMASS is quite commonly used as negative word, comparing somebody to/as a donkey.

The founders wanted an agency which is inspired from the positive traits and uses the word DUMASS ironically, for i.e 'We accidentally gave our client 3x growth when they asked for 2x, such a DUMASS we are'

The Idea
The brand name carried a bold essence to it from the very beginning, the challenge was to channel it in a positive manner without making it offensive for anyone, as a result we went for a branding which combines the elements of neo pop and maximalism.

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