Brand Brief

In the ever-evolving battlefield of the beer market, a new champion is gearing up to make its mark. Introducing Bunker Beer, a brand that's not just brewing another ale but crafting a rebellion in a bottle.

Inspired by the spirit of resilience and camaraderie found in the heart of a military bunker, our mission is to deliver a beer that's as bold and uncompromising as the heroes who inspire us.

The Process

Embarking on a reconnaissance mission, we first mapped the terrain by analyzing market competitors. This intelligence informed our moodboard, a strategic compilation of colors, textures, and fonts.

From this, we launched an ambitious campaign of 18+ concept designs, ultimately honing in on two victorious designs.

The Philosophy

Before we began with the design process we questioned ourselves;
‘What is a bunker after all’

Is it just a solid building build to last all enemy advances.
or is it an icon of unbreakable bond? rather a secret kept safe.

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